Friday, 13 October 2017



1. Is the UK racist? What about Bristol? Philip Street Chapel? Are YOU racist? Could we be so in a measure but not be aware of it? 

2. 'Jesus is Lord' - in what ways does the subject of this chapter help us address racism? 

3. "Jesus is not a supporting actor in our life movie." (Page 134) How do you keep yourself from living as though he is?

4. "The blessings of God's redemption will surpass the effects of the curse and the destructive power of human sins." (Page 138) In what ways will this be so?

5. "Yet Christ is building his kingdom, and he isn't utilizing the means that the world uses to build." (Page 139) The Reformation was ahead of the world in using the latest technology of the printing press. George Whitefield placed advertisements in American Newspapers telling them that he was coming to preach. Mike Horton has a radio programme. What are the means we should not use? What means may we not be using that we can do so?

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