Monday, 30 January 2017


The topic for our Tuesday evening Bible Study on 31st January will be TRANSGENDER. 

The Cambridge Institute have issued a helpful paper on this. You can read it by following this link:

A useful, very short book (only 75 small pages), by Vaughan Roberts, has been produced by the good book company. 

An article by Sharon James in Affinity, 'Are we all "omnigender" now' is also helpful.

See also a paper in the Christian Medical Fellowship File 59 2016 Gender Dysphoria.

Saturday, 14 January 2017


1. Why does Doctrine matter? Which doctrines, if any, would you be prepared to go to prison for, and which would you die for? (If we remember we will revisit this question at the end of the year to see if our answer has changed.)

2. In what ways does doctrine impact on our worship?

3. Why do these claims to divinity make it impossible for Jesus to be only a wise guru like Buddha or Muhammad?

4. How does Jesus have the characteristic of God?

5. There have been other people who performed miracles in the Bible, but Jesus had characteristics that only God could possess. So how do his particular powers and authority described in these verses prove Jesus' divinity?

6. How was Jesus worshipped as God?

7. Look up Matthew 16:16-17 and John 20:28-29. If Jesus was simply a wise guru or teacher, how should he have responded when people worshipped him on earth? Consider Christ's response to Peter in Matthew 16:17 and Thomas in John 20;29 as you answer.

Please note: questions 3-7 are taken from the 'Core Christianity' website. A link to this is found in the previous post.