Friday, 16 May 2014


1. How have these home groups on the subject of hell changed you? What could you have done to have made more of this time thinking about hell?
2. His section on putting sin to death, pages 49/50, ties in with what we are learning from the warning passages in Hebrews. Does the thought of hell make you take your fight against sin more seriously?
3. Ted's third point on pages 53/55 is a call to seriousness. As a church are we too serious, dour, and dull, or are we too frivolous, lighthearted and casual?
4. How can the bible's teaching on hell help us to a greater appreciation of the love of Christ? See pages 55/56. What can you add to what he says there?
5. How can we talk to a relative, a friend, a neighbour, work colleague, about hell when we have not said anything to them about it for years, if at all?
6. How can we remember what the bible teaches on hell without being broken (or driven mad) by the thought of people going to hell, or disliking the doctrine of hell, or having hard thoughts about God for there being a hell?

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