Monday, 7 April 2014


1. Have you ever tried to imagine hell before reading this chapter? Has anyone ever dreamed about hell? Have you ever seen a portrayal of hell on television/film, or in a painting, that you found effective in invoking a feeling of hell?

2. Why do you think so few people in western society believe in hell today?

3. Ted looks at Hell under four headings - pages 35-44. Is there anything he says that you could use when sharing your faith? (What are the best lines, the most persuasive arguments, that stood out to you?)

4. You are unlikely to get the time to go into so much detail when sharing your faith so how would you convey to someone that hell is 'hell'? (The last place you would ever want to be.) To put the question another way: how would you describe hell to your unbelieving friend in two minutes.

5. Ted believes the Bible teaches that hell is eternal. Others, like John Stott and Michael Green, believe in annihilation, either straight away after judgement, or after a period of punishment. How important do you think this is? 

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